Amazon Echo Show Review - Do you need the new Alexa?

Amazon Echo Show Review – Honest Review of the Alexa with a screen

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The new Amazon Echo Show has been praised by many tech writers. They’ve gone so far to call it, “The best smart home assistant you can buy.” However, I disagree. I hate the Amazon Echo Show. I bought the two-pack when it was announced and I’m returning both. Why? Read more of my honest Amazon Echo Show review to learn more.

If you have no idea what the Amazon Echo Show is – it’s essentially an Amazon Echo with a touchscreen. That’s about all you need to know.

Why you shouldn’t buy the Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show Review

Here’s the biggest reason I’m returning my Amazon Echo Show. Read the Full Alexa Show review.

The biggest reason the Amazon Echo Show doesn’t pass my review? Location, location, location. This may sound odd – but you can see the worst possible place for an Amazon Echo Show to be placed in the above picture – somewhere that is in your constant line of sight.

Let me explain. I use my full-size Amazon Echo (pictured above, to the right) almost all day in my office. However, I don’t need random, scrolling headlines popping up every couple of seconds. I really don’t need to learn more about “Pirate Ride to Remove Wench Auction.” That’s a giant distraction. I think most of the reviewers didn’t use the Amazon Show in a real-world example.

If you’re thinking of putting this on your desk, this is the only part of the review you need to read. Pass on it.

But can’t you turn off the screen on Amazon Look?

You can, simply swipe down and click on “Do Not Disturb” like in the video below:

But what’s the point? Read on as to why you might still like the Amazon Look.

Other things I didn’t like about the Amazon Echo Look

  • The device is rather large. As you can see in the photo above, it’s not much shorter, but takes up a decent footprint.
  • The Voice Recognition wasn’t as good as the Amazon Full Size Echo. This may be because it doesn’t have microphones all around the device. Having both the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Look connected near to each other, the full size Echo almost always won in terms of response.

Why you should buy the Amazon Look.

There are some great additions to the Amazon Look that do make it worthwhile. Here are a couple of things that I really liked about the Amazon Echo Look

Video in Alexa Smart Briefing

Amazon Echo Look Review

One of the bright spots of my Amazon Echo Look Review: Video in Flash Briefs.

I really loved video in the Flash Briefs. When I tell Alexa, “Tell me the news,” video automatically shows up. However, if I’m in Do Not Disturb mode, I have to touch the screen to trigger the video screen to wake. Not ideal but it works.

I didn’t even need to change my Flash Briefing settings – it did it automatically.

Using Amazon Look with your Smart Home Cameras

I thought it was really cool to be able to use your Amazon Look to view your Smart Home Cameras. Here’s how it works:

You, obviously, need to set up Ring (or Arlo or Nest) to view the smart home camera on your Amazon Look. It’s pretty slick and works really well.

I didn’t even test the killer feature – Drop In

I didn’t try to “drop in” to the device. This is what Amazon says is a killer feature. However, I have ZERO idea why that would be helpful. My wife would be pissed if I was traveling and decided to just “drop in.” It may be helpful if you have an elderly person you are caring for – or to watch the dogs or something, but I can’t think of a reason why this would be helpful.

The camera angle also makes it tough to view anything not ABOVE the level of the Amazon Show. This wouldn’t work for the kid’s play room – which may be a good application for the Show.

Amazon Echo Show Review – The Bottom Line

Should you buy one? Here’s the bottom line for this Amazon Echo Show Review: It depends on where you place it. If we had a central place in the house where we gathered a lot, or if we didn’t work from home and needed to work around schedules – I might recommend it. However, for my family, I can’t recommend the Amazon Echo Show.

Like I said, if you have a family room or kitchen that is the “hub” of the family, it might be a good choice. Otherwise, I’ll stick to the original Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot.

What do you think about the Amazon Echo Show? Read my honest review of the Amazon Echo.

If you do want to buy an Amazon Echo Show – buy the two pack to save $100.

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