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Control the Amazon Echo


I just got an Amazon Echo. It’s pretty cool. I also use Spotify a ton. The thing I use it for the most is just listening to Amazon Prime Music. While Prime Music isn’t nearly as awesome as Spotify or even Apple Music, it get’s the job done.

I’ve recently got a little tired with Amazon Prime Music, so, I’ve set my Echo to control Spotify. Before, you had to use the Echo as a bluetooth speaker. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked. Not, it’s even easier to use Amazon Echo and Spotify. Spotify now plays directly through Amazon Echo – one of the great parts of Amazon Echo is that they are always updating it!

It’s really easy to set up Spotify on Amazon Echo:

  1. Open up the Amazon Alexa app on you iPhone or Android. Click Settings, then Music & Media: Link Amazon Echo to Spotify
  2. Then Click Spotify. Enter your credentials.
  3. Simply say, “Alexa, Play (Playlist/Artist Name) on Spotify.” For example, say, “Alexa, play my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify.” It’s that easy!

Another cool bonus tip on how to integrate Spotify and Amazon Alexa?  You can control the Echo’s music on Spotify on your Mac, PC or Smartphone/Tablet. You simply need to click the speaker button and select your Echo:

Control your Spotify music on you Amazon Echo

The music won’t play through your device, but it will allow you to control the music on your device. It can be a lot easier than just yelling things at Echo all the time. I love this feature, but not many people know you can control the music on a different device and listen to it on your Echo. Cool stuff.

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