Are your Beats Studio Wireless Fake? The guaranteed way to find out if you have fake beats

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Think you might have Fake Beats Studio Wireless 2.0? You probably want to know how to tell if Beats Studio are fake or real. Or is your Beats Updater not recognizing headphones? Read on to make sure that the Beats you have are real and genuine Beats. Learn how to use the Beats Updates to make sure.

The difference between real and fake Beats Headphones

I recently bough a pair of what I thought were real Beats Studio Wireless 2.0 off eBay. I recently sold some lightly used headphones that I didn’t like at a great discount and thought someone else was doing the same. Boy was I wrong! Long story, short, I got the best deal on some new, genuine Beats on Amazon – more than $100 off.

It turns out there are some GREAT Beats Studio Wireless 2.0 Fakes out there. Like REALLY good fakes. I was even fooled. Watch the video above to see the difference, but here are the main differences between real and fake Beats. The sound on the fake Beats were great. The fit on the fake headphones was great. The fake Beats even made the same sounds when pairing and un-pairing with different bluetooth devices.

What do Fake Beats Headphones Look like?

I was shocked at how real my fake Beats looked. They look almost identical. Some of the other video clips that you see will show some really obvious changes, but I couldn’t tell if my Beats were real or not based on appearance alone. There were some very small differences (the “beats” logo, for example, was slightly darker on the real version), but you couldn’t tell if your Beats were real or fake based upon the video comparison.

Do Fake Beats Headphones have noise cancellation?

The one thing I realized with the real Beats that I couldn’t tell comparing the real and fake Beats was the noise cancellation. The Fake Beats made everything around me quiet, because they covered my ears. However, the real Beats had active noise cancellation. I can’t really explain it without you hearing it, but the difference is notable once you hear both headphones.

I googled for many ways to tell if the Noise Cancellation was working, or turning it off, but nothing good to make a definitive answer if it was working or not on my Fake Beats. However, once you get REAL Beats, you’ll be able to notice the difference right away.

Using your Serial Number + Beats Updater to see if your headphones are Fake

The biggest giveaway that my Beats Studio Wireless were fake was the serial number. On REAL Beats, the serial number is on the right ear. On my Fake Beats, the serial number was on my left ear. That was my first clue that the serial number proved that my Beats were fake. However, the actual number and the things around the number all looked real.

Plug in your Beats to see if they are real – use the Beats Updater.

If you want to see if your Beats are real, another thing to try is going to, install the software, plug in your Beats into your computer and see if they are recognized.

Use this site to see if your Beats Studio Wireless fake. Beats updater not recognizing headphones?

Use this site to see if your Beats Studio Wireless fake. If they are fake, the Beats Updater will not work correctly.

If they aren’t recognized (after following all the instructions), you can have another clue that you have Fake Beats Studio Wireless headphones. Again, if the Beats Updater doesn’t recognize the headphones, there is a good chance your Beats are fake.

The only way to tell for sure if your Beats Headphones are real or fake

Here’s the only way I could confirm my Beats were fake. After I ran the above program on my computer, the program didn’t recognize my fake Beats. After the Beats are not recognized by the Beat Updater, it will give you some troubleshooting steps. At the end, it will give you this page:

If your Beats are fake, you'll get this message in the Beats updater.

If your Beats are fake, you’ll get this message in the Beats updater.

Click on “Contact Support.” As you might know, Apple know owns Beats, so you’ll get this page:

On this page, you'll be able to determine if your Beats are real or fake.

On this page, you’ll be able to determine if your Beats are real or fake.

Simply click on any of the questions (I selected Battery, Power and Charging). Then select Chat from that page:

The chat will be able to tell if your beats are real or fake

The chat will be able to tell if your beats are real or fake

If you haven’t had the pleasure of working with Apple support before – you’re in for a pleasant surprise! They are great. Simply ask the person on Chat to look up your serial number. Tell them you bought the beats used and are worried they are fake. Don’t worry, they won’t judge you and you won’t be in trouble for buying fake Beats. When I gave them the serial number of my fake beats, this is what they said:

Alright, i do see them here, it appears the serial number indicates these are not authentic Beats headphones. In other words, they’re not made by Beats or Apple, but seem to be a counterfeit made to look like them. It seems whoever has made them uses the same serial number on many, many “copies”.

What do you do if you bought fake Beats?

If you bought the Beats on eBay, don’t worry, they have a great policy to protect you. Simply go through the steps to provide feedback and the seller will give you your money back. If they don’t, eBay will work on your behalf to get you the money back from your fake Beats.

If you really want some real Beats, the best place to buy them, by far, is Amazon. I was able to get the best price here.

If you don’t want to buy them on Amazon (I actually needed my Beats right away), I went to Target and they price-matched the Beats from Amazon. I saved over $100.

I’m sorry if you ended up with some fake Beats. You owe it to yourself to get some real Beats.

Here’s the best deal I’ve found on genuine beats.

Buy some real Beats on Amazon today.

Buy some real Beats on Amazon today.

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