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Best Amazon Echo Device – What’s the right Amazon Echo for you?

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Today, Amazon just announced several new Amazon Echo products: The New Echo, The Echo Plus, and The Echo Spot. That is in addition to the Echo Dot, Echo Look (by invite only) and the Echo Show.

What the best Amazon Echo Device? It really depends on what you are looking for.

How we reviewed the best Amazon Echo Devices

I’ve been an early Smart Home Reviewer of Smart Home Products – from the Best Apple HomeKit compatible devices to the Best Smart Lighting. I’ve had an original Amazon Echo from almost the very beginning. I’ve given honest review – like this Amazon Echo Show Review. I’ve also compared the Amazon Echo vs. Google Home. I’ve tested out many of the custom skills on Amazon Alexa/Echo Devices.

The truth is, the Best Amazon Echo depends on what you are looking for. I’ll provide you some options on what I think are the Best Amazon Alexa Products for your possible purposes.

Overall: The Best Amazon Echo

The Best Amazon Echo Device

Overall: The Best Amazon Echo Device

It appears that the all-new Amazon Echo is the best overall Amazon Echo on the market. The price is cheaper ($99 vs. $179 for the original Echo – here’s some Amazon Echo Promo Codes).

Slightly shorter than the original Amazon Echo – the new Amazon Echo has an improved speaker system. You also get several additional features not available on the original Amazon Echo: Different finishes (see below) and an updated far-field microphone system.

The Best Amazon Echo is available in different finishes

Price + Performance = The Best Overall Amazon Echo – the All-new Amazon Echo. You can pre-order the All-New Amazon Echo here. Be sure to look at some of the Amazon Echo Promo Codes Available

Smart Home Starter: The Best Amazon Echo

Don’t want to buy a Wink Hub? You won’t have to with the new Amazon Echo Plus.

The Best Smart Home Amazon Echo?

The Best Smart Home Amazon Echo?

The Amazon Echo Plus is essentially the original Amazon Echo with a built-in Smart Hub.

More details are coming out, but it appears to be equipped with a ZigBee radio (not a ZWave radio, too – like most Smart Home Hubs). I’ll update with more information as it becomes available.

Even though it’s more expensive than the new Echo, it does include a Philips Hue Smart Bulb with each Amazon Echo Plus. Pre-order the special offer here.

Bathroom/Bedroom: Best Amazon Echo

While I wasn’t a fan of the original Amazon Echo Show (read my Amazon Echo Show review), I’m excited for its younger sibling, the Amazon Echo Spot.

Best Amazon Echo Product - Bathroom or Bedroom

This looks awesome for your bedroom or bathroom.

I’ve already ordered several of these to test. I was just looking at buying another Dot for the Bathroom but I think I’ll use the Amazon Echo Spot instead. It’s like a smaller version of the Amazon Echo Show. I didn’t like the Echo Show because it was distracting! This looks like it could be a perfect blend of a screen and Amazon Echo. The only downside: the Price – $129. A little steep for something you won’t use all the time. You can pre-order the Amazon Echo Spot here.

Best Amazon Echo For…

What am I missing? What do you want to know? Best Amazon Echo for travel? The office? Let me know and I’ll update this post.

Whatcha think? Have a question or comment?