Apple HomeKit Compatible Devices

Best Apple HomeKit Compatible Devices

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Best Apple HomeKit Compatible Devices: Updated March 2018

Are you an Apple Fanboy that wants to focus on HomeKit? Then look no further than this list of the best Apple HomeKit Compatible Devices.

One of the biggest products missing from this list? Nest. If you didn’t know Nest is owned by Google and probably won’t be HomeKit compatible anytime soon.

Learn more about Apple HomeKit with my post on What is Apple HomeKit.

Apple HomeKit Compatible Lights

This section is short.

Apple supports the big dog in the smart lighting category: Philips Hue. Philips Hue is, by far the most reliable Smart Home Lighting Set Up you can buy. The downside? It’s not cheap. Read my full Smart Home Lighting Guide.

Apple HomeKit supports all of the Philips Hue Lights that are paired with the Second Generation Philips Hue Hub. That hub is the square one, not the round one.

Apple HomeKit Supported Lights

Apple HomeKit Supports all the lights connected to this Philips Hue Hub.

Apple recently announced the Nanoleaf Aurora Lighting will work with Apple HomeKit. Nanoleaf’s are a really cool addition to Apple HomeKit:

Apple HomeKit Compatible Devices: Nanoleaf

Apple HomeKit Compatible Devices: Nanoleaf

Nano Leaf also has some funky lights that fit in a regular socket, too:

Works with Apple HomeKit

I also found that Apple HomeKit now works with Incipio CommandKit Smart Light Bulb Adapter. It looks like you can use this HomeKit-Compatible Adapter to any standard light.

Apple HomeKit Compatible Devices: Cameras and sensors

Another short section. The Canary works with Apple HomeKit. The Elgato Eve also work with Apple HomeKit. The Logitec Circ Camera also works with Apple HomeKit.

Apple HomeKit Compatible Devices: Heating and Cooling systems

The EcoBee4 is one of our best Smart Thermostats and also works with Apple HomeKit.

The Ecobee Smart Thermostat was the first Smart Thermostat to work with Apple’s HomeKit. The Ecobee4 is the best wifi thermostat we reviewed.

Now, Apple HomeKit works with several Honeywell models, including the T5.

Smart Thermostats that work with Apple Homekit.

I can’t recommend the T5 (you can read more in our thermostat reviews).

Other Products that work with Apple HomeKit

I, personally, use the iHome Smart Plugs. They work with Alexa, Wink and Apple Homekit.

I currently use the iHome iSP6X. It plugs into my Christmas Tree (during Christmas time, obviously) and my sound machine in the office.

Lutron Caseta Switches are compatible with Apple HomeKit. Several Smart Plugs work with Apple HomeKit. Read more about the Best Smart Plugs. Several of the Smart Plugs I recommend work with Apple HomeKit.


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