The Best, Cheap Smart LED Lights – What get for smart LEDs

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I throughly compared all of the different kinds of Smart LED Lights in a previous post. However, the Hue system, which I think is the best, is also the most expensive.

By far, the two cheapest Smart LED lights are:

GE Link

These are my recommendation for the cheapest way to get smart LED lighting in your home. A couple of quick points:

  • You need a hub of some sorts. I use the Wink Hub, but there is also a GE Link Hub. Either one will work.
  • Don’t by the GE Link lights on Amazon. They are way too expensive on Amazon.
  • Go to your local retailer – like Home Depot – and they almost always have these for sale. Look on eBay, too.
  • I’ve seen them as cheap as 1 cent – you read that correctly. These LED lights can be super cheap!
  • They seem to be much more reliable than Cree Connected bulbs. I have several in my home that have never disconnected (knock on wood!)

My second pick for best smart LED lights is: C by GE.

My 2nd choice for smart LED light bulbs. 

So, why are they my second choice?

  • They are reasonably inexpensive. Here’s where I’ve found the best price.
  • These lights are tunable – meaning you can have a warm white to a “cool” white. Warm whites are typically used for going to sleep/late at night and cool whites are more to wake you up or having during the day to keep you energized.
  • They don’t need a hub – which is good and bad. It’s good because that makes them cheaper, but it doesn’t make them as flexible.
  • These lights use Bluetooth to communicate, and create a mess network. I’ve had mixed results with Smarthome Products that rely on Bluetooth and not Zigbee or Z-Wave.

Why not another product?

  • If you go on Amazon, you’ll find cheaper LED smart lights. Like TP LED Lights. But have you ever heard of that brand before? Me neither, but I have heard about GE. It’s good to get a reputable company to make sure your smart home products work for a long time.
  • Why not Wi-Fi? I explained in my Best Smart Home Lighting post why I don’t like Wi-Fi lighting. You can find some options but I don’t recommend it.

Want the cheapest, most reliable smart LED lighting solution?

This low-tech solution works 100% of the time and is the cheapest. Ready for it?

The cheapest, most reliable smart LED lighting.

That’s right. An old-school light switch may take a couple more minutes to screw in the wall, but it’s VERY reliable. I have smart lights, (Hue/Osram/Link and more), but I use these little switches in a couple spots – the mud room and the powder bathroom. They are the perfect solution for a product like this.

What cheap, Smart LED lights do you like the most?

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