DropCam Alternatives – Are any of the DropCam Competitors any good?

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Are you looking for a DropCam alternative? Before you go any further, be sure to read our DropCam review. The DropCam is a great camera, but if you want a camera that has all the features, but you don’t want to pay the monthly fee from DropCam, here are some of the DropCam alternatives and competitors. If you’re looking for something newer, don’t miss the Best Nest Cam Alternatives.

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro – DropCam Alternative and Competitor

DropCam Competitor - The Samsung SmartCam HD

This Camera has all the great features of the DropCam, but with the ability to store everything on a memory card. Here’s what someone on Amazon said about the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro:

In Jan I bought the Dropcam Pro HD which was very quickly returned after finding no workaround from adding another monthly bill. The Dropcam Pro HD may be ideal for a few, but most will find the Samsung to be a much better value.

Overall the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro is a great and worthy competitor to the DropCam. It features many of the same bells and whistles as the DropCam, including:

  • Two-Way Talk
  • Day and Night Camera with a Wide Viewing Angle
  • 1080P Full-HD Video
  • Motion Detection
  • Simple Wi-Fi setup

The one thing that the Samsun SmartCam HD does not have is a very good thing – a monthly bill! Local video storage is possible through a micro SD card slot (not included) Set your camera for continuous recording, record at scheduled times, or, to minimize viewing time and storage space, record only when motion and sound events are detected. You can even view the recorded video right from your mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Set up is also very easy. It is not require the use of any software or CDs. Simply download the free app on android or iOS and follow the instructions. As long as you’re connected to the same Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to get up and going in no time.

When my favorite features of the DropCam is two-way talk. Don’t judge me, but I use two-way talk to talk to my dog. I make sure that he’s not anything that you shouldn’t be doing. He can hear me and I could hear him. I know that sounds silly, but two-way talk is a killer feature of any Wi-Fi camera.

The Samsung SmartCam HD does have some advanced camera features that the DropCam does not. The Samsung Light Enhancer produces light in dark areas to give you a superior image in even low light conditions. If you wake up in the middle of the night, you very clearly what’s going on with the camera.

Think about the cost savings that you can make with the Samsung SmartCam Pro HD after one year. The Samsung SmartCam Pro HD costs about $220 total – for the camera and a SD card. The DropCam, on the other hand, costs over $300. It Is about $200 for the camera and about $100 hundred dollars a year for their annual cloud plan. If you own the SmartCam Pro HD for two years, you save…drumroll please…. almost $200!!!! The quality is very similar to the DropCam, but the cost is much much cheaper.

I recommend looking at the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro as a worthy competitor to the DropCam.


Foscam FI9821W V2 Megapixel HD 

Looking for another DropCam competitor? Check out this Foscam camera. It is currently on sale! Here are some of the great features of yet another DropCam alternative:

  • This camera has Pan and Tilt! Something the DropCam does not!
  • You can watch live video on your phone.
  • Nightvision.
  • They do charge for cloud storage, just like DropCam, but this is a great, cheaper alternative.


Fake Camera

Wanting to use the camera to deter break-ins? Then just buy this Fake Camera!

Some people, like me, do not want to pay for DropCam’s monthly fees to access a recorded video. Hopefully, these are a couple of options that give you a great alternative to DropCam. Other people may not want to use DropCam because they are now owned by Nest, which is owned by Google. I, personally, do not have an issue with DropCam being own by Google. I have more of an issue with paying a monthly service fee to another company for something then you can get it for free otherwise. Want to know what the Best Nest Cam Alternative is? I wrote a review of that, too!

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