The Best Smarthome Gift Guide for 2016 Christmas

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Looking for a gift for that special someone who also happens to be a home Automation Nerd?! Then look no further. Here are some great Home Automation/Smarthome gift ideas for the smart home lover in your life.

The “Wow, I didn’t know this was a thing but I need it gift.”


The Rachio Irrigation System. It seems silly to buy it right now (who is watering their plants in the Winter) – but you can get great deals on the Rachio System today. This allows you to control your home sprinklers with ease and monitor remotely.

The “This is what anyone would be happy with” Gift – Amazon Echo

Should you get an Amazon Echo? Read my Amazon Echo review.

Should you get an Amazon Echo? Read my Amazon Echo review.

Some might call it the Alexa, other the Echo (she’ll actually respond to both names), but this gift is going to be under everyone’s tree this year. A word of warning – don’t buy the Echo Dot unless someone already has an Echo. The Dot is a great way to expand your Echo system, but not good as your only Echo device. Instead, look at the full-size Alexa or the portable Tap.

The “Something Fun, I don’t know what to get you” Gift


Have someone that has a TON of Smart Home stuff already? Then try getting this Philips Hue Go. It’s a fun, portable light that works with an existing Philips Hue System OR works on it’s own. I use it during the Winter to help (literally) brighten up my day.

The “I need something for a super nerd” gift.


This all-in-one Raspberry Pi Gift has everything the super nerd needs to customize the HECK out of their home automation system. How nerdy is this? It’s too nerdy for me. That’s telling you something!


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