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Are your Beats Studio Wireless Fake? The guaranteed way to find out if you have fake beats

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Think you might have Fake Beats Studio Wireless 2.0? You probably want to know how to tell if Beats Studio are fake or real. Or is your Beats Updater not recognizing headphones? Read on to make sure that the Beats you have are real and genuine Beats. Learn how to use the Beats Updates to make sure. The difference between real and fake Beats Headphones I recently …

Apple HomeKit Products – Products that work with HomeKit iPhone

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Looking for products that compatible with the new Apple HomeKit? Look no further. Here are products that we’ve found that work with Apple HomeKit for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. Even though Nest was recently acquired by Google, some of the products are still compatible with Apple’s HomeKit. The Nest Cam is compatible, but the Nest Thermostat, sadly, is not. …