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Are your Beats Studio Wireless Fake? The guaranteed way to find out if you have fake beats

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Think you might have Fake Beats Studio Wireless 2.0? You probably want to know how to tell if Beats Studio are fake or real. Or is your Beats Updater not recognizing headphones? Read on to make sure that the Beats you have are real and genuine Beats. Learn how to use the Beats Updates to make sure. The difference between real and fake Beats Headphones I recently …

Should you buy the new Apple TV?

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I’ve had almost every Apple TV. I currently have 2 Apple TVs. So, should you get the newest Apple TV? What’s different about the new Apple TV? For starters, the new Apple TV brings Apps to your TV. While it won’t allow you to completely cord cut the day it comes out, you will be able to soon – or …

Sonos Sales and Coupon Codes

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Looking to get a Sonos sound system for your smart home? Is it on the Christmas list? If so, we’ve found a great deal on many Sonos products – it’s on Sale at Amazon! Save up to $50 on Amazon on the: Sonos Play 1 Sonos Play 2 Son0s Play 5 Son0s PlayBar Son0s Sub Son0s Boost Son0s Connect Son0s …