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Apple HomeKit Compatible Devices

Best Apple HomeKit Compatible Devices

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Best Apple HomeKit Compatible Devices: Updated September 2017 Are you an Apple Fanboy that wants to focus on HomeKit? Then look no further than this list of the best Apple HomeKit Compatible Devices. One of the biggest products missing from this list? Nest. If you didn’t know Nest is owned by Google and probably won’t be HomeKit compatible anytime soon. …

When will we see Apple HomeKit products?

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Update: I’ve compiled a list of Apple HomeKit-compatible products here. Several months ago you may heard about Apple’s new HomeKit. HomeKit was supposed to be a new home automation solution that connected your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV to your house in a new way. This is supposed to compete directly with SmartThings and with Google’s new acquisition of Nest but …

SmartThings Review – The Best Home Automation Solution?

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My SmartThings Review The home automation battle is heating up and SmartThings is one of the hottest names in the Smart Home world. SmartThings offers one of the easiest and most affordable ways to start home automation. When people come to me and ask where they should start with their Smart Home, I recommend the SmartThings Know and Control Your Home …

Home Automation Controllers – What Do You Need To Know

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What Is A Home Automation Controller? A Home Automation Controller (also called a “bridge”) is the brains behind your home automation system. It is the hub behind everything that you need to automate your home. While some smart home items like Nest or Doorbot work without a controller, to utilize the true power of a home automation system, you need …