My Current Smart Home Set Up

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So, you decided you wanted an automated home. Maybe you just want extra security in your home. Maybe you just want to not worry about forgetting the lights on. Or maybe you just want your home to be smart and a bit nerdy. In a couple weeks, I’m moving to a new home. It wasn’t “built smart,” it’s just a normal house. So, I thought I’d give you some insight into what I’m doing.

Currently, I have:

Wink Hub – Read my Wink Hub 2 Review

2 Amazon Echo Alexa (Regular, read why I didn’t get the Amazon Echo Tap here)

Ring Video Wi-Fi Doorbell (Read my full Review of the Ring Video Doorbell)

2 Nest Thermostats (I actually only have Nest 2.0 – read the difference here)

Philips Hue Hub 

30 Philips Hue Br30 Down Lights

Several Osram RGB Lights, several GE Link Lights and even a couple Cree Connected Bulbs

2 Sets of Osram RGB Garden Spots for outside

Lutron Connected Light Remote

Several Motion Sensors and Door Sensors

Rachio 2.0

Google OnHub

AppleTV – 4th Generation

There’s where I started. Here’s where I recommend you start your smart home.

Whatcha think? Have a question or comment?