Doorbot vs SkyBell? Which Wi-Fi Smart Door Bell Should You Buy?

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Skybell or Doorbot, which should you buy?

Skybell vs Doorbot, which should you buy?

Updated Jan 27, 2014 – new review for SkyBell

This post is out of date. Read the Ring Review and Skybell Review.

The Skybell or Doorbot, which one is better?

Don’t buy either before you read this. I have a more a complete Doorbot review and a complete SkyBell 1.0 Review, but the answer is very simply: buy the SkyBell. I originally wrote this review several months ago. Since then, my Doorbot has died, so I decided to update this review to give you a better look at which is better: SkyBell 2.0 or the Doorbot.

I didn’t have the best thing to say about the SkyBell when it first came out. Since then, they have released version 2.0 and it has some very notable improvements. They’ve added an upgrade camera and made it much clearer. They have also added a wide angle lens, faster on-demand video, an upgraded motion sensor and it is now even compatible with digital doorbells. This builds upon some of the better features that SkyBell had in the first place. They have always had a motion sensor and night vision, something the Doorbot did not have. They have upgraded the hardware to make the SkyBell the video doorbell to beat. This shows in the reviews on Amazon for SkyBell. Let’s take a look:

I’ve had the SkyBell for a couple weeks now. Just enough to give you some overall ideas of what I like and what I don’t like. I’ve had no major issues. Every issue I have is a minor nitpick, but nothing that couldn’t be replaced in the future with a firmware update. As for the installation, it was a very very easy. I’ve never tried to change my doorbell before, So, I was a little bit hesitant on the installation process. But it was very easy and just took a couple of steps. The hardest part of the whole installation process was tucking the wires back into the wall, so that shows you how easy the whole process was.

The video comes up on the app very quickly – generally within a second or two. With the first version they had a lot of problems with video taking a long time to load.

This is my second SkyBell. I was one of a few people to try SkyBell version 1.0. The main reason I got this is for when people knock on your door and you don’t answer. You’re basically advertising that you’re not home. You might as well have a sign out front saying, “OPEN!” I now answer the SkyBell each time someone knocks on my door, even if I’m not home. What I love even more is that the videos are being recorded by the video camera. It’s a serious burglary deterrent.

The only reason I would tell you today to buy the Doorbot over the Skybell is if you cannot run power to the doorbell. The SkyBell does not have a battery. SkyBell requires full-time power from a low voltage transformer and is even compatible with secondary power. SkyBell also requires a connection to a wired doorbell chime. All you have to do is remove your old doorbell and attach two wires (assuming your power setup is correct and you have a wired doorbell). That is the one reason I would look at a different Smart home doorbell, is if you do not have power outside of your door. In that case, I would look at the Doorbot, or the new Doorbot which is called Ring. SkyBell is greatly improved over version 1.0 and I highly recommended it. Here’s where I’ve been able to find the best price on SkyBell 2.0.

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  2. I must disagree… My doorbot would ring my android phone about 3min after I had already answered the knock on the door. Battery powered sucks… I would much rather have it hard-wired.

  3. I have promoted iDoorCam now known as SkyBell last year in August:

    Contribution Amount: $127
    Payment Method: Credit Card
    Perk: Early Adopter
    Estimated Delivery Date: October 31, 2013

    It is now JUNE 2014 and I still have not received my item.
    I have sent them many emails and they have what I would call the worst service on the planet! They did not reply to my first emails until threatened. Then it takes them 1-2 weeks to reply to a single email. They still have not send me anything. They will do that “soon” and promise me this for months now. This is such a horrible experience. I contributed, because I expected this device to be shipped in return. I even paid international shipping on top. Still nothing. This is the WORST COMPANY on the planet. DO NOT BUY if you expect any service. They do not deserve to be on the market much longer. Strongly discourage you from buying their products.

  4. Don’t buy a Doorbot if you live anywhere but the US. It rings ‘home’ whenever it wants to activate i.e. someone presses it, and if you live in say, Australia, it takes a long time for the door to chime because the device is still talking to its US database. I’ve had people standing at my front door wondering why we won’t come and answer it. The doorbell can ring up to an hour later. Pathetic.

  5. Forward to July 2017. Skybell sucks. FIrst it has a built in 15 sec lag to account for movement due to wind. By then the knock knock robbers can be in your house. Second if you have anything other than a direct view of the camera it won’t work. I have a 45 degree slant from my walkway to the front door and the Skybelll couldn’t handle it. It was less than 50% motion detection. I would wave my hand in front of the camera and it wouldn’t pick up the motion. Skybell, if purchased through a security company goes through Two installers tried to get it to work and it still was intermittent. The voltage was in range as was the internet strength. I had them take it out

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