Nest Cam Review: Do you need this wireless video camera?

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Nest Cam Review

Don’t by the Nest Cam before reading my Nest Cam Review

Who is watching your home while you are not there? It should be the Nest Cam (previously the DropCam – but purchased by Google-owned Nest), the wireless video camera that let’s your keep an eye on your home while you’re not there. Before you buy a Nest Cam, be sure to read my Nest Cam Review.

Nest Cam Review

Nest Cam video footage from a home burglar. Should you get a Nest Cam? Read our Nest Cam Review.

What is the Nest Cam?

Nest Cam is an HD wi-fi video camera that streams video from wherever you place it (you home, office, etc.) to your smartphone (iPhone or Android). It even records the video in the cloud, so you can watch the recorded video later.

The Nest is always on, but will alert you if there is activity. That is exactly what happened in the photo above – the home owner was on vacation and they got an alert saying there was movement in the garage. They were able to call the police and catch the intruder!

How easy is Nest Cam to set up?

Do you have 60 seconds? Then you can set up a Nest Cam. Here’s how easy it is:

It's easy to install a Dropcam.

It’s easy to install a Nest Cam.

What other features should I know about in a Nest Cam Review?

There are a couple other features you should know about with the Nest Camera:

  • Wide-Angle Lens: 130 degrees diagonal, plus Zoom and Night Vision, so you don’t miss a thing
  • Push Activity Alerts: If the Nest Camera hears or sees something out of the ordinary, you will get a push notification saying there is activity (that’s what happened in the case of the burglar). You can view the live Nest Cam feed from your smartphone.
  • Two-Way Talk: Have a dog that you want to keep an eye on? Using the Activity Alerts, you can hear when your dog is barking (or chewing on the couch!) and talk back to the dog, through your phone to the camera! That’s really cool!
  • Night Vision: The camera can even see in the dark.
  • Video is recorded in HD quality.

How should I use my Nest Cam?

The possibilities for your Nest Cam are endless, but here are a couple options I found in preparing for this Nest Cam Review:

  • Home Security: This one is obvious, but it allows you to keep eyes on your home when you aren’t there.
  • Pet Monitoring: Have a pet you don’t trust to be home alone?! Nest Camera allows you to keep an eye on Rover when you aren’t around – and talk back when he’s being naughty!
  • Baby Monitor: This is a baby monitor on steroids! Not only does it monitor sound, it also monitors video from your smartphone app.
  • Business Monitoring: if you own a business, you can’t have your eyes everywhere…until now! Nest Cam allows you to have eyes wherever you want them – by the cash register, door, it’s up to you.

Should I get a Nest Cam?

I would say that if you are looking to keep an eye on your home or office while you’re not there – YES! The only cons about the Nest Cam is that the night vision isn’t great and sometimes the quality of the stream isn’t great. That all depends upon the connection speed of your home and your smart phone. I’ve founded the cheapest price for the Nest Cam here.

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