Why I’m not buying the Amazon Echo Tap.

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Today, after I pre-ordered the Amazon Echo Dot, I noticed Amazon had another product – the Amazon Echo Tap. After some research, I’m probably not going to buy one. Read on for the reason why I won’t buy an Amazon Echo Tap.

What is the Amazon Echo Tap?

The Amazon Echo Tap looks a lot like the original Amazon Echo (read my Amazon Echo Review here):


You’ll notice a couple of differences as you dive in.

The Amazon Echo Tap is Wireless

It’s true, the rumor that Amazon was working on a wireless version the Amazon Echo is true. It’s the Amazon Tap. It comes with a wireless docking station that charges the Tap:

You'll see the wireless charging station on the left in this photo of the Tap.

You’ll see the wireless charging station on the left in this photo of the Tap.

Amazon says that the Echo Tap will provide 9 hours of playback – we’ll see if that is really true. When Amazon Tap’s battery is low, Alexa will say “Just so you know, the battery is currently low.” Pretty cool.

What else does the Tap do?

The Tap does everything that the original Amazon Echo can do, with one exception that I’ll talk about in a second. When it’s connected to Wi-Fi, it will act very similarly to the Amazon Echo. However, what I don’t know is how it will react when you are only using your phone and the Amazon Alexa App. The Amazon Page says that it will work via Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot. That doesn’t seem to support the fact that it will work only through the app. It will also act as a bluetooth speaker for apps such as Apple Music and Spotify. The good news is that Amazon is always updating

Amazon seems to really going after other speakers, such as the Bose SoundLink Color, even listing it against the Amazon Echo Tap on the Tap page. In that case, it makes a lot of sense if you are looking for a bluetooth speaker. But that’s not what I was looking for in the Amazon Echo Tap.

The Reason I probably won’t buy the Amazon Echo Tap

The main reason I won’t buy the Tap is because of…well, the “Tap.” My favorite feature of the original Amazon Echo (and now the Amazon Echo Dot) is the ability to not have to touch anything and have the Echo be listening all the time. To me, this is the killer feature of the Echo line of gadgets.

I know, however, why Amazon decided to take that out of this lineup. It’s pretty simple when you think about it. You simply don’t want someone to be walking by, on the beach while your listening to music, and be able to order stuff or control your home. Imagine even if you left the Tap in your backpack in a locker, but didn’t turn it off. Someone could do a lot of damage by using the voice commands. I would love to be able to have a portable Amazon Echo, that I could use outside and be able to talk to and have it listen. It’d be great if it could realize you were away from home and turn off the feature, or know you were far away from your phone. For that reason, I probably won’t get the Amazon Echo Tap. If I do, it will be to only listen to music on the patio.

You can read more about why I will be getting the Amazon Echo Dot here.

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