Best Amazon Prime Day Smart Home Deals

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Amazon Prime Day is here! Amazon Prime Day is here!

Last year, I admit. I was disappointed in the deals last year. But this year, they have some great deals on home automation and smart home products. I’ll update this page as new deals come in. Let’s dive right in:

Amazon Echo – 50% Off

50% off Amazon Echo!

The original, Black Amazon Echo is on sale for 50% off. This is the cheapest I’ve ever seen an Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo Dot – Only $35

The Echo Dot is on sale, too!

I recently got several Echo Dots on sale, but not this great of a deal!

Amazon Echo Tap – Save $50!

The Tap is now improved, and on sale for $50 off!

I just bought a Tap, but I didn’t get $50 off.

Smart Plug – TP-Link Mini On Sale

While this wasn’t the Best Smart Plug on my list, it’s a great alternative at a great price.

Smart Plug at a great price!

Philips Smart Lights

A rare deal on the Best Smart Lights – Philips Hue.

Philips Hue Light Bulbs on Sale

August Smart Lock – Only $162

The August Smart Lock has great reviews, and now a great price!

The August Smart Lock is also on sale today!

iRobot – $249

If you’ve been looking into a Roomba, now is your day to get a great deal!

The iRobot smart cleaner is on sale.

Ring Pro – Best Price I’ve Seen!

The Ring Pro is a great upgrade for anyone with the original Ring. On sale for the lowest price I’ve ever seen.

Ring Pro on sale for less than $180

Schlage Connect

Simply add to cart and you’ll see a 20 discount.

See all the Amazon Prime Day Smart Home Deals.

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