Should you buy the new Apple TV?

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Should you buy the new Apple TV?

I’ve had almost every Apple TV. I currently have 2 Apple TVs. So, should you get the newest Apple TV? What’s different about the new Apple TV?

For starters, the new Apple TV brings Apps to your TV. While it won’t allow you to completely cord cut the day it comes out, you will be able to soon – or at least that’s my prediction.

The addition of Apps on your phone was a huge deal – can you imagine your iPhone without Apps? It wouldn’t be nearly as useful. The same will be true for your TV. The best Apps will come out as adoption of the new Apple TV comes out.

I would defiantly get a new Apple TV simply for the Apps. But you’ll also be able to control other items with Siri and HomeKit (have you checked out the products that work with Apple Home Kit?). Imagine, you could use your remote on the new Apple TV to tell Siri to turn down the lights. That’s pretty darn cool.


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