SkyBell Review – Is the SkyBell the best Smart Doorbell?

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You may have seen the Doorbot (or even read my Doorbot Review) on Shark Tank, but about the SkyBell? Is SkyBell a good Doorbot Competitor? Read this SkyBell Review before you buy one.

This review is old and compares the SkyBell with the Doorbot. The Doorbot is an older version of the Ring Video Doorbell. Read my full review of the Ring Video Doorbell here.

Read the SkyBell Review before you buy one.

Read the SkyBell Review before you buy a SkyBell.

What is the SkyBell?
The SkyBell is very similar to the DoorBot. It is a Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell that alerts you on your smartphone whenever someone rings the “bell.” But it has a couple of key differences.

What does the SkyBell have that the DoorBot doesn’t?
The SkyBell has a couple of features that the DoorBot does not. Here are SkyBell’s Unique Features:

  • Nightvision: The SkyBell offers nightvision, so you can see whomever is ringing your doorbell, even when it is dark outside.
  • Motion Sensor: The SkyBell has a motion sensor that allows the camera to be turned on whenever there is motion detected outside your door. Currently, the Doorbot does not offer a feature like this.

How is the SkyBell similar to DoorBot?

  • For starters, they are both Wi-Fi enabled doorbells that interact with a smartphone app. Whenever someone “rings” the doorbell, they both alert you that there is someone at the door.
  • They both offer movable cameras and software updates.
  • Both the SkyBell and Doorbot can be used on multiple devices in the family.
  • They both allow you to see who is at the door wherever you are, not just in your home.
  • They are both about the same price – $199.

Why should you buy Doorbot over SkyBell? 
There is one main reason to buy a DoorBot over a SkyBell. The SkyBell requires a wired line to operate. In other words, your current door bell must have wired power for your SkyBell to operate. The Doorbot is either wireless or wired. I thought that my old doorbell was wired, but when I took it apart, I found out that it was actually wireless. It turns out that most doorbells in newer home are wireless. Less wires = less expensive.

Make sure that your doorbell has wired power before you buy a SkyBell.

Why should you buy a SkyBell over a Doorbot?
Some people should by a SkyBell if they are looking for night vision. If, for example, you don’t have a great, bright light outside your front door, nightvision could be very helpful!

Both SkyBell and Doorbot have updatable software, so I wouldn’t buy a SkyBell over a DoorBot just because it mentions that “on-demand viewing coming soon” – because they both with. Both companies are great start-ups that are always trying to improve.

Should I buy a Doorbot or SkyBell?
It’s up to you. The SkyBell does have more features, if you need them. I, personally, like the Doorbot better, but some like the SkyBell more.

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      Is it a night vision camera? Or just the lights that light up when it is dark? I just want to make sure I have it correct!

      Thanks for a great product!

  1. This is a very odd recommendation — Did you try both DoorBot and Skybell before coming to your conclusion?
    I did. DoorBot is a complete and utter mess when it comes with software support. The Android software might as well not exist. If you live in the Apple echo system — great, you can pick the device of your choice based on power requirements, what have you, but I don’t I have multiple Android devices. DoorBot would not work on any of them. Took some doing and an experimental firmware for it to work on 1 of 2 of our Galaxy S4 phones — and it was never reliable. I returned it and bought a Skybell. Skybell, actually has improved their software from initial days, and works very well now. It is consistent as to which devices it works with. They say it works with Galaxy S4, and it does. It worked with my Galaxy tablet. Neither device is perfect — DoorBot when connected to my analog doorbell introduced a strange hum — electrical interference which SkyBell does not. I really think if you’re going to recommend one device over another — you should actually try both, and to go based on some uninformed Amazon review

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      I did, but I only have a iPhone to test against. Thanks for your feedback. I’ve had no problems with my Doorbot and iPhone.

      Thanks again!

  2. I tried a Doorbot and it was a complete mess. The video was pixelated and blurry, the audio function worked twice out of about 50 tests. In the week that I had it installed, one (FedEx delivery guy) out of 8 or 9 people to come to the door even bothered to ring it. The rest just knocked. Doorbot’s lack of a motion sensor is a glaring functionality omission.

    With Skybell, the video is marginally better (at least I can make out faces) if not exactly HD. Night vision is pretty cool, although I don’t know the last time someone came to the door in the dark. The best thing is that the audio works every time and the motion sensor alerts me to deliveries and others who always seem to knock. The wired requirement is truly surprising in this day and age. Skybell clearly needs a battery option. I was lucky…my doorbell way physically wired.

    Skybell is head and shoulders above Doorbot at this point. Both will become irrelevant VERY quickly however unless they start integrating with home automation gateways.

  3. I’m sorry, but I doubt you used the doorbot for any ‘real’ time. I agree with above posters, and the product (doorbot) is utterly useless. The quality is very bad, the battery life (posted as 1 year) is shorter than a month, the wiring is not supporting any normal 18VAC analog doorbells (except for some specially designed for doorbot, apparently) creating a humming sound, the video is quite awful, etc. etc.
    Not a good review about the not working doorbot.
    – A doorbot owner.

  4. After having ordered my Skybell it took quite some time before I received it (Belgium – Europe) It also cost me an extra $60,- on shipping & customs fees! Installing & configuring went perfect but after having tested it for the first time the disillusion came. The image of the camera was of such a poor quality that I even couldn’t recognize myself when standing in front of the camera! The image was totally blurred and out of focus. Pic’s:
    So I contacted Skybell’s support. I sent them sreenshots and all the technical data they required but it took me almost 40 additional mails to persuade them that something was wrong with the hardware. After more than 1 month they finally admit the Skybell is faulty and want me to return it. Because of the fact that I live in Belgium this would cost me more than another additional $100,- on shipping & handling costs and they would deliver me a refurbished Skybell. I did not agree on those terms and instead I asked for a new device without any extra costs. Their new proposal: we’ll send you a refurbished device and you will pay the delivery & handling costs! I cannot agree to those terms. In fact they should offer me a compensation to all the misery I suffered from.

    My conclusion: The Skybell looks like a nice product if it works but the customer support sucks. My advice: DON’T BUY A SKYBELL and avoid what happened to me!
    In the mean time I removed my useless Skybell and replaced it with my good old door-ringer.
    Because Skybell didn’t offer me a satisfactory solution and because of the fact that I am an electronics engineer, I dismantled my Skybell to look for visual defects myself.
    First thing I noticed was corrosion on the service connector on the lower end of the pcb. Even after only having it installed for one month it already showed a substantial amount of corrosion. Eventually this can cause total failure when it worsens. Pic’s:
    Before having removed this corrosion I took some pictures and sent it to Skybell support. I wonder if and what will be their response.
    Regarding the video quality issue I also inspected the camera lense but could not find a visual defect here, so the cause high probably lies with a faulty ccd-unit.
    PS:Skybell depends on Skybell-servers to be functional, so if their servers go down, your skybell will stop working! I already experienced this. The app would’t connect at all and I started looking for the problem. Of course I could’t find it so I reported this to the support dpmt. They simply answered me that their servers were down for maintenance.
    I think the least they could do was to inform all their users!

  5. Had great hopes for this. Installed and after 5 or so attempts got it to work. 4 days after use, the buzzer push jammed in. Sent back to Skybell. After a month or so as well as numerous emails, told I voided the warranty. The security sticker is so flimsy that just touching it causes it to be one hanging chad like.
    The broken unit is currently being returned to me. The customer service is useless and it is just plain stupid to return the unit to me.
    I would certainly not recommend this. When I get thus back, I will open this and see what has caused the problem. My initial thought is it just poor manufacturing but I’ll see. If I’m accused of opening it up I may as well see what’s in there.

  6. Skybell is outstanding, guess I got lucky cause I have no cons at all. It worked great for me from the get go. Looking forward to the next update. 5 stars ???????????????????? all the way!!! ????

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