The Smartest Smart TV

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The Smartest Smart TV is here. 

The Smartest Smart TV is here: The Element Amazon Fire TV Edition. If you are dead-set on buying a smart TV (and not a regular ol’ TV and adding an Apple TV or Amazon Fire Stick), this is the Smart TV you should buy.

Amazon Smart TV

This TV is a good quality 4k 55″ TV with Amazon Fire TV built in. This is great for several reasons:

It also includes all the features of Alexa. You don’t need a stand-alone Echo Device, you can now simply use the remote of this TV to use Amazon’s Alexa service.

The little Microphone button at the top allows you to access everything Alexa can do:

With the Amazon Fire TV, you can even switch inputs with your voice. This is a simplified version of the Smart TV. You won’t have ALL the bells and whistles of a stand-alone device, but it’s a great, simple option. I’m not sure this is the most future-proof version of technology you could buy, but it is a great option.

The Fire TV Specs

Fire TV Edition is built for performance. It has 1.1GHz quad-core CPU, multi-core 3D GPU chipset for instant search results and fast and fluid responsiveness. Connect easily with dual-band Wi-Fi, built in Bluetooth, and four HDMI ports.

As for the TV quality. It’s 4K – not just HD, it’s 4K. The jury is still out on if 4K is worth it – but at least this part is future proof. The added resolution is great!

Fire TV Price – Is it Worth It?

The 55 inch Element Fire TV Edition is only $649. It ships on June 14th, 2017. If you order now, I’ve found where you can get a special gift with purchase. Check it out here.

If you are in the market for a Smart TV, take a look at the 55 Inch option from Amazon. Other sizes are available, too.


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