When will we see Apple HomeKit products?

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Update: I’ve compiled a list of Apple HomeKit-compatible products here.

Several months ago you may heard about Apple’s new HomeKit. HomeKit was supposed to be a new home automation solution that connected your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV to your house in a new way. This is supposed to compete directly with SmartThings and with Google’s new acquisition of Nest but you may not heard anything about Apple’s HomeKit recently. It appears that Apple has had the developments under wraps because they’re trying to perfect it. Apple is known for having very high standards that makes it very difficult to create hardware with Apple. We are just now starting to see a couple of new HomeKit partners come out on the market.

One of the new partners is from Elgato. They have a a line of home automation products called Eve. The Eve line of products includes many different sensors. There is the Eve smoke sensor, Eve door and window sensor, the Eve room motion sensor, the Eve weather center, the Eve water sensor, and even a smart home compatible plug called the Eve energy sensor. At the consumer electronics show in January there’re several other products they came out they were compatible with Apple’s home kit. There was the iDevice smart plug and a new smart lock which maybe hitting the stores in just a couple of months. Rumors have it that Apple is changing the specifications on home kit, so see you should see new devices very very soon.

Another rumor that is swirling around about the Apple home kit is that it is going to be very deeply integrated into the new Apple watch. The watch could help run many of the things an apple home kit. For example, if you’re using a smart lock, your Apple watch could unlock the front door. How cool would it be to walk into a room, know your temperature from the Apple watch sensors, and adjust the thermostat accordingly? That would be pretty cool.

There is also new device from iDevices called Switch. It is a smart plug, Which is enabled by HomeKit and allows you to control many different devices around the home. It uses your iPhone to turn on and off things plugged into it. You can even use Siri to turn on and off devices. For example, you can even use Siri to turn on and off the lamp across the room.


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